Wednesday, April 16, 2014

favorite contemplations

While I savor the last Holy Week I will celebrate with the Nativity community, I also am aware that there are other things around the ol' hilltop that I have been contemplating deeply for the last fifteen years. One is the view out to the ocean, out the Lucas Valley, off the stunning hilltop that has stood as a sentinel to the Valley for eons. I never tire of the sunsets and of finding the cross in my camera's viewfinder.

The other is St. Vincent's Field....(my name for it at least) which is on my short drive from church to home. The field is ever-changing with the seasons and still is always the same, and I have been known to careen off 101 to my favorite spot both in the early mornings and in the evening as the sun goes down.

These pictures were both taken the evening of the rare "blood moon" in April 2014. I offer them as a Holy Week contemplation as we consider the sacrifices we are called to make for others.

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