Sunday, July 28, 2013

What the backyard holds

Bouganvillea are native to South America. In Europe, they have an interesting feminist history, having first been "discovered" and described to Europeans by Jeanne Baret, the young woman-disguised-as-a-man assistant and lover of Philibert Commercon, a French botanist who accompanied Louis Antoine de Bougainville on his circumnavigation (read the recent book The Discovery of Jeanne Baret for the complete story, it is a good one!)

But I digress. I love subleties in color and tone, and I stood mesmerized today trying to buy just the right colors for my backyard. It was so hard to decide.  And so today as I continue my play vacay, I found these details drawing me in. Perhaps you have a detail in a corner of creation drawing you in today?

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