Wednesday, July 24, 2013

All it takes is play!

I grew up with a camera in hand and knew in my sleep how to use ISO, aperture size and shutter speed to make the camera give me exactly what I wanted. After more than a few years using a digital camera, I still cannot make my camera sing like I want her to sing.

So today I decided to play for an afternoon. I went out into the backyard, grabbed a chair, found a plant I wanted to look at intently, and began to play. As I made image after image and used the delete function more than I care to admit, I began to understand. And as I played, I both found new ways to make a picture, and learned that I can outsmart the fancy camera and make it do what I would like it to do. And, sometimes take a chance and, well, throw all knowledge to the wind and  simply play!

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