Friday, July 12, 2013


I have loved children since I was a young teenager working with special needs children as my first "job" (thank you, blessed Madge, for pushing me towards that!). I love the children at my church, I love my nephews Barry and William (ok, they aren't children anymore, but they were!) and I love my Godchildren Tracy and Thomas, pictured here.

There was a brief moment in time that I thought I might have children of my own, but that relationship ended and my maternal urges, never forefront in my mind, receded to the background again. As I visited Louisiana last week, it came to me once again to give thanks for the many children and young people I have been privileged to be around. I love being the maternal aunt, the maternal priest, the maternal "other adult" in the lives of such precious gifts of curiosity and imagination and energy.

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