Friday, October 18, 2013


For the last couple of days, I have been thinking 'horizontal'. This may well be because I have not been sleeping well and have been, well, less horizontal than I would have preferred. It also may be because I am hankering to get out onto my belly and do some early morning photography. This is in the plan for tomorrow, before I watch my team race at the Head of the Charles via the live stream.

Horizontal is also an attitude of prayer. In religious and spiritual ceremonies, people often place themselves "prostrate": face down in a posture of supplication, and sometimes face up, as in the middle of the labyrinth, as a posture of openness.

There are "rules" in photography about lines and segments of pictures and the spacing of shapes and horizon. These are all very interesting and useful to the photographer learning the craft. However, at this point, I have given myself the freedom to simply do what I like and forget the rules. So I have created a new group of photographs on my website which are "horizontal".

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